About David Watkins


The level of technical expertise for investment, commercial and industrial real estate is vastly removed from residential real estate. I specialize in sales and leasing of ICI properties.

With 37 years in the real estate industry, I have acquired a vast experience in all facets of real estate transactions, which has enabled me to build a high degree of long term trust with clients through a level of competency , great service and results . I have a greater than 90% repeat and referral business with a large active, well funded clientele. Over the years, I have established a large ICI client database through regular and elect mail.

I possess a strong understanding of Seller Take Back (STB) financing, qualifying, arranging and selling of mortgages to third parties as well as private mortgages and financing. I can provide up to date computer generated models complete with cash flow analysis, long term profitability study and pie charts for both Sellers and Buyers, asbestos, oil tanks, environmental reports, fire and municipal bylaws. I attend weekly meetings and updates from area commercial lender area managers to keep up with the latest market trends.

When you need factual advice and information devoid of the sales pitch, call me to schedule an appointment.